Mortgage Loans

We know that buying, selling, or building a home can be an exciting time. A home is more than just a structure; it is a dream, a future, and memories for you and your family. Here at Peach State Bank, you will find mortgage specialists who are friendly and knowledgeable. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing your personal residence, second home or 1-4 family investment property, we offer a variety of mortgage options, one of which should meet your mortgage needs.

Some of the mortgage loans we offer are:

  • Conventional – Both Fixed and Adjustable (ARM) Rates up to $766,550.

  • Jumbo – Both Fixed and Adjustable (ARM) Rates on amounts up to $3,000,000.

  • FHA – Low down payments and relaxed credit standards as compared to conventional loans.

  • VA – Low down payments and relaxed credit standards for veterans and military personnel.

  • USDA Rural Development – Low down payments and relaxed credit standards for low to moderate income families in rural areas.

  • Reverse Mortgage – Borrowers 62 and over can convert the equity in their home into cash. 

If you are not sure what you qualify for or already know exactly what you want, contact one of our experienced mortgage specialists. Click on the "Mortgage Documentation Checklist" to the right for a list of documents we will need to get started.

Carl Blackburn, Vice President/Mortgage Division Manager

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Mickey C. Hyder, Jr., Senior Residential Mortgage Lender

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M. Chase Hyder, Mortgage Lender

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Steve B. Goins, Mortgage Lender

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Yemeli Marin, Mortgage Lender

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Rhonda L. Dellinger, Mortgage Lender

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