Consumer Loans

From time to time, most everyone has a need for a loan. Dreams come in all shapes, sizes and price tags;whether to improve your home, buy a new car, take the family on a great vacation or for countless other reasons...isn’t it nice to know you can have a loan resource upon which to rely? At Peach State Bank & Trust, our consumer lenders take the time to listen, and to tailor the right loan to meet your unique needs. We combine attractive interest rates with flexible terms and prompt, friendly loan service!

  • Auto Loans

  • Boats

  • Construction Loans

  • Lot Loans

  • Home Improvement Loans

  • Credit Cards

  • Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Personal Line of Credit - this line of credit allows you to write yourself a loan whenever you wish or it can serve as an Overdraft Protection resource when tied to your Peach State Bank & Trust checking account.

Ask about our auto-deduct payment plan, which assures that your loan payment is on time, every time, and which alleviates the need to make a manual payment for your loan account with us. 

For additional information on a  consumer loan, please contact:

Terry Baker          (NMLS # 480447)       770-531-2768 

Keith Brady         (NMLS # 1543283)       770-531-2752 

Ricky Pugh          (NMLS # 589467)        770-531-2762

Ron Quinn          (NMLS #500582)        770-531-2767 

Steve Sorrells       (NMLS # 589463)       770-531-2773 

Andy Stewart      (NMLS # 480456)      770-531-2770 

Mike Underwood (NMLS# 980728)      770-531-2730  

Heather Wilbanks (NMLS# 479180)      770-531-2732 


Contact Andy Stewart at (770) 531-2770 or  for current information on any Real Estate Owned properties.