Consolidation Loan

‘One-Two Punch’ Consolidation Loan

Take charge of your monthly Home Equity & mortgage payments with one payment

Knock down your rising home equity loan payments with a ‘One-Two Punch’ loan from Peach State Bank & Trust that consolidates your first and second mortgages into one payment at below market interest rates.*

Peach State Bank & Trust has launched an exclusive local loan program to make a significant dent in your monthly payments. By refinancing, you can help eliminate the stress of rising home equity line of credit payments under a variable interest rate.

In today’s interest rate environment, a $100,000 balance on a Home Equity Line has an estimated interest only payment of $605 based on a 7.25% (Prime Rate** + 1%) interest rate.

The ‘One-Two Punch’ program provides two different options:
A 10-year term with a 4.69% fixed interest rate (5.048% APR) or
a 15-year term with a 4.89% fixed interest rate (5.164% APR).

One-Two Punch
Assuming a combined $350,000 loan, a typical payment under our ‘One-Two Punch’ loan would be:
$3,672 for 10-year term at 4.69% interest rate (5.048% APR, 120 monthly payments)
$2,761 for 15-year term at 4.89% interest rate (5.164% APR, 180 monthly payments)

You can also use this special financing for the purchase of a home or to pull cash out of your home’s equity.

To qualify, you must own at least 30 percent equity in your home (70% Loan to Value or Loan to Cost) and your payments must meet a maximum debt-to-income ratio under 36 percent. You will also need to pay for a home appraisal by an approved appraiser up front along with standard loan closing fees.

Even if you aren’t an existing customer, you can still take advantage of this opportunity! At Peach State Bank & Trust, we are all about keeping business local and building a strong community.

Applications for this loan will be accepted until December 31, 2022. Contact our Peach State Bank & Trust Lending Team at 770-536-1100 for more information. Offer may be withdrawn at any time and is subject to credit approval.

  • Loan amount limited to 70% of Loan-To-Value (LTV) for refinances
  • Loan amount limited to the LESSER of 70% LTV OR  70% of cost for a purchase transaction (30% down payment is required at purchase)
  • No escrow
  • Auto Debit: Payment may be set up from a Peach State Bank & Trust account

* Based on average weekly national mortgage interest rates as of October 7, 2022 as published on
**Prime Rate is defined as the Wall Street Journal U.S. Prime Rate published daily in the Wall Street Journal.